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Selecting walls in Limerick

24th October 2019

Site selection is key to the success of the Draw Out project. Sites are sourced through lengthy meetings with the Derelict Sites department and Limerick City Council. Provisional sites are selected and noted, with careful consideration given to both the environment and the artist’s needs: both need to have an equal value placed upon them in order for the project to be a success. The artist needs to fit with the space, the work needs to have meaning to the people who live locally and it is crucial there is a thematic thread that runs through all the work and continues to evolve as the projects progress.

Here are a few of the criteria we examine when selecting sites around Limerick.


Draw Out is all about transforming derelict sites in Limerick to enhance the quality of Limerick’s public open spaces. We seek out derelict sites and turn them into large scale public works of art.


We want to improve and enhance the quality of life for both residents and visitors to Limerick, and to do that we endeavour to select the most visible sites available. We locate large sites that have the most to offer to the people in Limerick in their day to day lives.



We hold history as sacred. We value opportunities to share experiences, revive collective memory, and re-envision the future. We choose sites with a story and historical relevance to celebrate Limerick’s distinctive cultural identity.


We assess the value that a piece at any site will add to the environment. We create work that is relevant and appropriate, ensuring the environment and residents are all considered and consulted with.

DMC on Thomas Street Limerick


As well as all of these considerations, there’s the small matter of logistics. Wall surface, road closures, height, dimensions, accessibility – all of these factors have to be organised and accounted for when selecting our sites around Limerick City.

Draw Out is a local, urban-art initiative that brings the best street artists from around the world to Limerick to re-imagine and transform the city’s derelict sites.

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