Smug Mural in Limerick

Celebrated street artist ACHES to take on former Eye Scream mural site

25th October 2019

Draw Out are thrilled to announce celebrated street artist ACHES will be creating a new piece in the former location of the Eye Scream mural in Limerick City.

Draw Out facilitated the Eye Scream mural by renowned Glasgow based artist Smug in 2014, and while we wish it had never been touched and was preserved to the highest quality, we are confident this new piece will challenge the audience in new ways and speak to a new generation.

The mural was literally career changing for us here at Draw Out, but all good things come to an end and sometimes the end feels unnatural and premature. But we have consulted at length about this site and what we have planned is just as powerful. We always make sure we work with only the best of the best and ensure Limerick is honoured with work of the highest quality.

Smug Mural Limerick

ACHES is an Irish graffiti writer and muralist. A master of colour and perspective known for his trippy murals, ACHES’s most popular work includes his mural of Savita Halappanavar and his ‘glitch’ RGB pieces. The new piece will be created as part of Draw Out’s 2019 urban regeneration project which sees artwork from 4 acclaimed street artists pop up all over Limerick city. We can’t wait for you to see what ACHES has in store for Limerick.

ACHES piece from Waterford Walls

None of this would be possible without the support of city officials such as Cllr Daniel Butler, who worked tirelessly to acquire funding to make this possible. We are extremely grateful for your constant support of our project, encouragement and advice…we need more people like Daniel to represent us and inject some youth into the council psyche.

Watch this space…

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