Maser Street Art Limerick City - Draw Out Limerick
Smug Mural in Limerick
Celebrated street artist ACHES to take on former Eye Scream mural site

Draw Out are thrilled to announce celebrated street artist ACHES will be creating a new piece in the former location of the Eye Scream mural in Limerick City. …

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DMC on Thomas Street Limerick
Draw Out is back – transforming the streets of Limerick City

In a bid to liven up the city’s alleys and thoroughfares, Draw Out returns for 2019 bringing street artists from around the world to Limerick….

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Draw out Limerick Street Art Festival
Street art plays a striking role in encouraging urban regeneration

What is the role of street art in the urban regeneration of a place or community?…

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Draw Out brings the best street artists from around the world to Limerick to re-imagine and transform the city’s derelict sites. Our vision is that we, as a city, begin to use space and the urban environment in an entirely new way, seeing beyond the limitations of function to create bold examples of the most innovative and contemporary Urban Art.