Absent Hearted

By DrawOut

DMC transforms Cathederal Place with this intense and poignant work.

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This site was offered by derelict sites department in City Council. Where one building had been knocked two gable ends met with a shared wasteland between. The site had been boarded up and was used as an illegal dumping ground.

Initially the site was offered with the intention of painting the surrounding hoarding. But to reclaim space it is important to reclaim it in its most raw state and begin from there. This space now has a new function and with proposed ideas for a co-op community garden can begin a new life engaging with local residents and business owners in the area.


This piece was different to any other I have ever painted. It evolved from my frustration within myself and my own work. In some way I guess I could have easily painted my own portrait that day, talking in clouds of colour about life and art. Yet it means absolutely nothing if your heart is not present. That piece was a make or break for me, it could have easily been my last street piece. But my heart is present in my work and I will continue to paint as long as it’s there.’

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