#27 A Nod to Ed Ruscha

By DrawOut

Maser masterminded a truely inspired creation with this show stopping petrol station.

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#27 A Nod to Ed Ruscha - Maser
#27 A Nod to Ed Ruscha - Maser

This project saw Maser masterfully capture the essence of the initiative. MASER is one of Irelands most innovative and contemporary Urban Artists. His work often boldly juxtaposes old and new, past and present in the architectural elements, the visual grammar and his choice of pallet. 'He was the obvious choice from the outset' say Catherine. 'It's was a natural fit and it is a true gift to city when an artist can reimagine space so that its very existence can provoke and inspire us as we engage with it.' Draw outs vision is that we, as a city, are no longer hindered by consumer focused function but are ambitious enough to create dynamic examples of the highest quality art work that can live 'outside'. We can then begin to relate with the environment in a whole new way, that is refreshing and invigorating.

‘I create work that surprises people and questions their relationship with the familiar and the norm, also how dissociated we are from the space around us. Questioning this is a positive thing’ Maser

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